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Give the Gift of Clean Water

At My Glass Straw - a Water for Life Project we are looking to raise funds by handcrafting Borosilicate glass straws to advocate for the ban of anthropogenic pollution such as plastic straws, while providing clean water to communities around the world.​

We handcraft these straws ourselves. These Borosilicate straws are reusable, sustainable, and BPA / lead free. Our goal is to completely eliminate the use of plastic straws as it is not only destroying the marine ecosystem but also the entire biosphere. ​

We are working in association with, a non profit organization.  All funds raised through our website will be donated towards building wells in communities without access to water.

During these tough COVID-19 times, clean water and sanitation have become crucial to the well being society. Our purpose is to provide water for drinking and sanitation usage to places where it is not easily accessible. 

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Who we are

Started in 2020 by an enthusiastic 10 year old brother and a 15 year old sister team who wanted to help reduce the anthropogenic waste that pollutes our oceans and provide urgently needed clean water to society.

What we are doing

We are handcrafting and selling borosilicate glass straws to promote garbage free oceans while providing clean water for communities around the world.

Our straws are reusable, eco-friendly, durable and safe. These glass straws promote safer and cleaner means of sipping your drink thereby reducing the risk of viral transmission. This has become very important in this COVID-19 era. 

How you can help

We urge you to be a part of our mission by buying our straws and supporting our cause. 

With the funds that we raise we aim to build wells in communities where clean water is not readily available.

It is not just a matter of clean drinking water but providing safe water for the washing of hands in order to protect against the COVID-19 virus.

We are working in association with - all profits will be donated to this charity. 

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02/03/2022: We reached a new fundraising milestone today. Thanks to all our supporters - without you none of this would have been possible. 

09/10/2020: Mutulani Secondary School project underway! 

A severe clean water shortage at Mutulani Secondary School drains students’ time, energy, and health. Thanks to our fundraising efforts, they are going to install a clean water point and much more.

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Stay in the Know

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Raising awareness of our cause in an interview with Newsday newspaper 



Here are the words of one of the students in Kenya on how your support has helped him:

“Before the construction of the water tank here in school, we were served with very little water for our personal uses such as bathing, washing our uniforms, and performing our duties of cleaning the classrooms, latrines, and dormitories. We encountered very many challenges to acquire clean drinking and at times the water bowsers would really delay in delivering the water to school. As a result, our school programs were often delayed. Our lunch was served late and at times, as the boarding students, we had to walk to the river to fetch water, which was very exhausting and time-consuming. We also were not used to washing our hands because the school did not have enough water.
“Getting water now is very easy. We are served with enough water for our personal uses such as drinking, cleaning of the school facilities and for our agricultural projects. There is no more time-wasting by getting out of class to walk to the water sources in search of water because it is readily available at the school water tank. The handwashing points are always filled with water, so the students can wash their hands with clean water and prevent themselves from contracting any diseases. Additionally, all our meals are prepared on time.
Personally, I have managed to concentrate a bit more on my studies than I used to before. Hygiene and sanitation practices (personally and generally) have really improved in the past year since we are being served with ample water for use. Now, we learn in clean classrooms and our latrines are also washed on a daily basis enabling the environment to be conducive for learning.”

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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My Glass Straw - A Water for Life Project 

Trisha & Vivaan Bhanot

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